Automatically send a personalized e-mail patient newsletter to as many existing and potential patients as you like.

You know the benefits of well informed patients. But you don't always have the time or opportunity to teach your patients all they should know about the care you can provide. Your "To Your Health" patient e-mail newsletter will do it for you.

What "To Your Health" E-Newsletter does for your patients:

  • Helps them recognize the value of chiropractic and keep their appointments
  • Helps them understand wellness and make wellness living a part of their lives
  • Encourages them to talk about you and the benefits of chiropractic to their friends, family and co-workers
  • Every two weeks, your patient e-newsletter will be sent to your patients with the first few paragraphs of 3-4 articles about the benefits of chiropractic and wellness. To read the entire article they will need to click through to your web site

Each article is specifically written for chiropractic patients. Your personalized patient e-mail newsletter will have your photograph and practice information consistently reminding your patients about you and the benefits of your chiropractic care.


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