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You can have a great looking website with a stunning design, but if your website isn't showing up on major search engines, your practice is essentially non-existent to new patients searching for chiropractic care in your neighborhood. Your practice needs advanced online search capabilities to optimize the performance of your website and to make sure patients can find you. Search marketing professionals at Officite are dedicated to helping doctors of chiropractic develop a strong online presence and generate new patient leads. We'll develop, implement and manage your online search solutions campaign - continuously fine-tuning and revising your program for ever-improving website performance.

When patients enter keywords, such as chiropractic Chicago or back pain Springfield into Google and other major search engines, they get back three types of results - paid search results or "sponsored listings," local search results or "map results" and natural or "organic" search results.

  • The prominent placement of keywords in the form of highly targeted advertisements for your local area appears in the sponsored listings of search engines via Pay-Per-Click advertising. Learn More...
  • Attaining high local search results in the map interface on Google and Yahoo! is possible with Local Maps Optimization. Learn More...
  • Optimizing your site content for search engines to achieve high rankings for your specific community in the natural search results is accomplished through Search Engine Optimization. Learn More...

Maximize Your Online Presence with an Integrated Search Solution Plan

For optimal visibility, you'll want a comprehensive plan that includes tactics from Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization - a complete online search solution plan that utilizes the benefits of all three strategies. An advanced SEO program will allow you to improve your natural search results in competitive markets for your specific community. A local PPC campaign can market your practice to new patients with advertisements- reaching beyond your town to surrounding communities at the exact moment they’re searching for specific keywords you've selected. And with the majority of people throwing out their phone books and turning to the Internet for local services - Local Maps Optimization is more important than ever for increasing your practice exposure.

Bottom-line - online search solutions are complementary. Different patients favor different search strategies, and utilizing all three will ensure you are capturing each and every patient's unique search behavior. Appearing in multiple search results areas is a sign of credibility; and when patients notice your site's presence in more than one position of the search results, they'll be more likely to click your site over competitors. Let our search marketing professionals at Officite help you find the best mix of PPC, SEO and Local Search Optimization for your practice needs.

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