Patient Reviews and Maps Optimization

The days of bulky Yellow Pages phone books are gone, and individuals are turning to the Internet more than ever to find local goods and services offered by businesses in close proximity to where they live. Recognizing this change in consumer purchasing, Google and Yahoo! have developed their own local search directories - a new map interface that appears at the top of the natural search results when patients search for terms, such as chiropractic and town. And similar to Yellow Pages directories, local maps results are practical and convenient for patients, providing them with direct access to your practice's maps, phone numbers, services, promotions, patient reviews, emails and zip codes - all of which can be viewed in your local maps profile.

With that being said, you’re going to want your practice listed in the local maps results if you want potential patients to find you when searching for chiropractic care in their local community. And now you can with Patient Reviews and Maps Optimization from Officite. Let us optimize your practice for the local search directories, ultimately increasing your visibility on Google and Yahoo! maps and driving new patients to your website in the form of in-office visits, phone calls and emails.

Advantage of Patient Reviews and Maps Optimization from Officite

Officite search marketing professionals have researched and studied the unique search engine algorithms used to earn businesses prominent positions on the maps of Google and Yahoo! - a multifaceted and complex methodology that requires the skill and expertise of trained local search experts. We can implement a comprehensive Patient Reviews and Maps Optimization plan for your practice, involving the submission of your practice data to more than 80 of the leading Internet directories, as well as the optimization of content for your local maps profile.

But a Patient Reviews and Maps Optimization plan doesn't end there. Patient Reviews and Maps Optimization from Officite will ensure your practice information is accurate, search-friendly and kept up-to-date on a regular basis- giving Google the data confirmation it needs to make the association between your practice and your place on the maps. When Google identifies your business listing as reliable and accurate, your likelihood of appearing high in the local search results increases. DC SiteBuilder offers you the ability to update your practice information directly from the DC Portal. This new local search tool from Officite submits your accurate data to the local business directories that are responsible for the maps results rankings - ultimately helping to maintain your current and consistent practice information throughout the Web.

Officite is constantly working to stay ahead of the ever-changing factors that can get your practice listed in the local maps results. The following are just a few that are utilized by our search marketing professionals to get you positioned prominently on the maps:

  • Accurate and up-to-date business listings
  • Strategic keyword placement
  • Programs to drive positive patient reviews
  • Logo and photo placement
  • Proper local business listing category associations

Local search is quickly becoming one of the most effective means of exposure a business can use to target local consumers. Patients are searching for chiropractic services in your town, and if you aren't showing up in the local maps search results, you're not maximizing traffic to your website from potential patients who have ditched their phone books for online directory listings. Let Officite be your guide for increasing your local exposure online and driving new business to your practice. You'll gain visibility in the maps section of Google and Yahoo!, ultimately generating more clicks and new patients for your practice.

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