Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The prominent placement of keywords in the form of highly targeted advertisements for your local and surrounding communities appears in the sponsored listings of search engines via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This search technique allows you to reach beyond your town, targeting patients within a 5, 10 or 50 mile radius of your office. Unlike SEO, which focuses on enhancing your site's content for search engines and competitive markets, PPC success lies in your own hands and involves the immediate placement of advertisements in the paid search results to reach a broader audience of potential patients.

PPC is keyword-driven, allowing you to target precise keywords and phrases that define the services your practice offers at the exact moment a potential patient searches for the term chiropractic and elective services, such as scoliosis or herniated disc. Better yet, you only pay when a visitor clicks through from the ad and goes to your website. The more you are willing to bid for each keyword and the more effective your ad content, the better rankings your site will earn in the sponsored listings. Each click-through is determined by your local area's competitiveness, which requires the expertise of our search marketing team to help you determine the proper allocation of your budget and keywords. When managed properly, Pay-Per-Click will generate highly qualified traffic to your site and keep you in front of your competition.

Recognized Experts with Years of Success

As the first Google Authorized Adwords Reseller in the medical website marketing industry, Officite's Google-trained experts can work with you to craft a local AdWords PPC campaign for your practice that achieves the highest return on your investment.

Benefits of Local Pay-Per-Click from Officite:

  • Immediate results and guaranteed placement
  • You only pay when you generate traffic to your website
  • Bid Management
  • Accurate online tracking tools and real time adjustments
  • Precise geographic and keyword control
  • Content and landing page development- important destination pages of each click-through, presenting your visitors with a strong call to action
  • Predictable and flexible marketing expenditures
  • Monthly reporting and campaign management from our Google-trained search experts

A large portion of PPC ad campaigns fail because practices don't identify the proper keywords and budget allocation- and this can do more harm than good. Let our search marketing professionals build an aggressive local PPC campaign for your practice - placing you front and center at the very time a prospective patient is seeking chiropractic services in your area. We'll identify the best keywords and craft well-written, relevant copy for each of your ads- getting the most for your marketing dollar.

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