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Every practice should be utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want your website to show up in one of the most popular areas of search - the natural, "organic," search results. You already have a professional website with innovative web tools and patient friendly features- and these are great for your current patients. But how do you expect to drive new patients to your practice if your website isn’t ranking high on major search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing?

Advanced Website Optimization For Accelerated Growth

Search marketing professionals at Officite can get your website listed in prominent positions on search engines so that patients looking for chiropractic care in your town can find your practice, especially if it's a competitive market. We constantly evaluate and research the ever-changing algorithms of search engines, their complex methodology for ranking the billions of sites on the Web, in order to get your site as close to the top as possible. Where you rank in the natural search results is highly dependent on how relevant the search engine determines your website to be to the search query - the words that patients type into a search engine. Based on the query, the search engine will measure the level of relevance according to the keywords, links and content you are optimized for. The more components your website has that match the search query, the higher natural ranking your site will earn.

Ranking high in the natural search results requires time, effort and expertise - a technique search professionals at Officite are highly skilled and trained at implementing to enhance the visibility of your website. We look at a multitude of factors when devising a unique SEO program for your practice, focusing on strong keywords, content optimization and powerful link building.

Officite's SEO Program is a multi-part program that includes:

  • Professional Consultation: Our search marketing professionals will review your site and advise you on the best methods for increasing your natural search rankings. Based on our research, we'll work with you to develop a unique program for your practice.
  • Competitive Analysis: We work with you to analyze and identify the keywords and phrases that will bring the most qualified traffic to your website based on competitiveness, popularity and relevance.
  • Directory Submission: We submit your practice information to the top directories - making it easier for search engines to index your site information and data.
  • Link Building: We focus on inbound links by distributing industry-related articles and press releases about your practice to mainstream and niche press outlets.
  • Content Optimization: Content is king. Our search marketing professionals will make sure your website has proper title and meta description tags, website usability, XML Sitemap and search friendly content.
  • Review and Maintenance: We will monitor and adjust your SEO program using advanced analytic methods to measure keyword performance, traffic and new appointment requests among other factors to guarantee you’re getting the most for your marketing dollar.

It can be a substantial investment in time and resources for a Search Engine Optimization program to deliver results, depending on how quickly and frequently search engines review your site for fresh content and links. But with ongoing maintenance and ever-vigilant efforts from our search marketing team, your site will see continual improvement in your rankings-time and time again.

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