Track Your New Patients With Appointment Requests

Enhance your website performance with Officite's Appointment Request feature. It's simple - patients complete and submit an email form indicating the date and time they'd like for an appointment. One of your office staffers receives the email, checks the date and time, and either emails or calls the patient to confirm the availability for the selected time or to find another appointment time. To make sure every request is acted on quickly, we also send a fax and email to your practice highlighting that you've received an email appointment request.

How do you know that your website is producing the results you want? Every practice that uses Officite's Appointment Request feature has 24/7 access to reporting on actual appointment requests and fax follow-ups. With a few simple clicks from DC Portal, you can monitor online appointment trends for new and existing patients and see for yourself how your website expands and enhances your practice. At Officite, we take the guesswork out of calculating your return-on-investment.

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